Uncomfortable Sounds

︎ Uncomfortable Sound is a video that documents a series of peoples reactions when listening to a given set of sounds. 

My Favourite Song

︎ My Favourite Song  is a visual interpretation of the song “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac. 

Sound Creating Atmosphere

︎Sound Creating Atmosphere is a video using collage to explore the sounds that create the atmosphere of five different places - underwater, the jungle, a class room, a shopping centre and space - each place has two collages to suggest the busy sounds and the quiet sounds.

Sunday Morning Silence / Sunday Silence 

︎This selection of three videos that exploring the idea of experience silence. Each video explores 3 different times of a Sunday comparing the different sounds I heard. 

Silently Screaming 

︎Silently Screaming is a video that documents a set of 9 animated collages exploring how sound can be suggested by just using imagery.


︎ Onomatopoeia is an experimental video looking at how sound can be visualised through imagery and text.